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     Here at Discount Incontinence supplies we know that bladder leakage and urinary incontinence can be hard to handle and we’re here to help you with all of your incontinence needs. We aim to make your life easier and help you maintain the best quality of life possible.
     You’ve found your place to buy incontinence briefs, also known as adult diapers or adult nappies. These briefs are made with a tab-top for easy changing and come in a variety of different absorbencies —from leak control briefs to overnight briefs we’ve got you covered. Briefs are the most popular choice in dealing with incontinence due to the ease of removal for caregivers. They are also a popular choice since they are less likely to leak, especially for men who have thinner legs.
     We have a large selection of briefs. We carry brands such as Depends® briefs, Attends® briefs, Tena® briefs, Tranquility® briefs, Poise® briefs, and Prevail® briefs. We carry both youth and adult incontinence briefs. We also carry swim briefs for use in aqua therapy or poolside fun.
     As always, If there is a type of brief that you’d like to purchase, but isn’t listed here please contact us so that we can add it for you.